Created for the weekly game jam - week 76.

The theme: Afterlife

Instruction: Use the a or d keys or the left and right arrow keys.

a, left- swipe left for damnation

d, right - swipe right for salvation

Objective: Swipe based on wether some one looks good or evil.

Description: You are the gatekeeper of heaven and you have been given a directive. Pass divine judgement upon the deceased and determine their eternal fate based purely on superficial traits. Some people are good and others are bad, can you tell? (This game is a satire making fun of the swipe culture that we frequently see in online dating, and how stupidly shallow it is). Swipe right for ETERNAL SALVATION, swipe left for INFERNAL DAMNATION.

Disclaimer- - This game contains mild....MILD... nudity. Nothing horrific, just some topless characters.

Developed by Paul-Hugo Dlugy-Hegwer

Sounds purchased from SoundSnap.

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